Album Review: Happy Accidents – You Might be Right

Happy Accidents are a super catchy indie/pop band from London. They specialise in introspective lyrics combined with sing-along choruses and generally being a charming and infectiously cheery group of humans. You Might Be Right is their first album and has just been put out by Alcopop! Records.

Following their initial release Not Yet Jaded (2014), Happy Accidents have gained quite a reputation within DIY circles. Following their first EP they gigged a bunch and were introduced to many via their energetic live performances and irresistible hooks. Not Yet Jaded was followed by a split 7” release (2015) with fellow DIY indie-punkers Austeros, Isaac and Young Attenborough, again to the ever increasing interest of people keeping a close eye on independent pop music.

After much anticipation, Happy Accidents’ first full length record You Might Be Right goes way above and beyond the high calibre song writing people have come to associate with them. The recording quality is a little crisper compared to previous releases too, which fits nicely with the way in which their music has developed with time. In addition to some positive progression, generally speaking the new songs are still of a pleasantly familiar tone and fit in nicely with the band’s existing back catalogue. You Might Be Right is as summery and uplifting as a listener has any right to expect but as is often the case the careless pop melodies belie always thoughtful and occasionally quite dark lyrics.

Happy Accidents write here about things that form undercurrents in many people’s lives and art at the moment, particularly the sensation of striving for happiness while attempting to deal with severe social anxiety (“But You’re Probably Wrong”, “Leaving Parties Early”, “Chameleon”). As awareness of mental health grows generally it’s revealing how commonplace these topics are becoming as people begin to discuss the internal struggles they have been facing daily but lacked the opportunity to discuss as publicly before. Other interesting lines and lyrics on the album talk of feeling unable to forge connections with people (“Feel the Same”, “Quiet”), falling in love with your friends (“Spinning”) and finally gaining some space from toxic relationships (“I Can’t Wait to Get the Hell Away From You”).

It’s quite hard to describe Happy Accidents’ unique take on a fairly popular style and do justice to the specific way they merge their inventive and original writing with pop song simplicity. It’s something very often attempted but rarely executed this successfully. Happy Accidents are made up of those extremely talented and youthful musicians that are always a pleasure to listen to, watch and play with; a band for bands to get really excited about. Their new record You Might Be Right is a fun, thoughtful and accomplished first album for a band that continue to exceed the highest expectations. As ever, I’m looking forward to hearing whatever Happy Accidents decide to do next.

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Liam Pritchett

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