Album Review: Random Hand – Hit Reset

After hitting the road and playing hard for 12 years, Random Hand just about reached the top of the UK ska-punk scene and decided that it’s also the time to go on a hiatus but not allowing themselves to just fade away the band decided to release their forth full-length at the same time of their last show. Hit Reset is almost a gift left to their fanbase, with enough of their early sound mixed in with their further musical developments to please every Random Hand fan, which at the same time they have created the perfect representation of their overall sound.

Having seen most their success as an incredible, high-adrenaline live band, it’s a real shame that a lot of these songs may not get to see the stage (at least not for the foreseeable future). The album is full of live anthems that a crowd would be ready to bounce their feet and shout their lungs out to, which is what Random Hand have always done best.

The album doesn’t ignore any of its influences, with enough ska to skank along to, enough bold and epic trombone lines to satisfy your ears, enough hardcore punk to fulfil your aggression and even a tinge of metal delved in. Filled with some subtle (and not so subtle) political lyrics, the voice of vocalist Robin Leitch is louder than ever, shouting with a clear style, with some verses packed with words, but plenty of simple accessible shoutalong lyrics where Random Hand songs are often the most memorable.

Hit Reset holds up well next to its sibling albums, perhaps heavier and darker than their previous releases it feels that these songs very much belong on the stage. Although it feels very strong as an album the songs individually don’t stand out quite as much as songs on past albums, but I feel all they need is time and if Random Hand do decide to take the stage again in the future, a few of these songs could be classics.

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Chris Fishlock

Chris Fishlock

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