Corporate Hearts – Deathwishers

This review was originally posted on Sound Revolution, 15/02/14.

Deathwishers is the latest release from Seeing Your Scene favourites Corporate Hearts, a two-piece acoustic-punk band, with emphasis on the punk.

The four tracks on the EP aren’t revolutionary but instead show the band coming even closer to perfecting what they do. Starting out with “Money Sucks Right Now” the aim of the EP is clearly laid out: to sing about personal issues in the catchiest, fastest way possible.

The highlight of the EP is the title track which rounds off the record with a singalong with gang vocals and claps included. It begs to be played in a live setting.

Everything is punctuated by vocal harmonies, placed exactly where they’re needed and acoustic guitars which carry the songs along. Some auxiliary instruments are used here and there, but they feel like an addition to a formula that already works perfectly. The vocals are allowed to take the forefront and lyrics are right in your face.

The truth is, the EP is simply four fast punk rock songs played on acoustic guitars with lyrics about real life. Nothing extra is needed. In a time when you feel the need to defend your favourite band’s new record (see: Against Me! or The Lawrence Arms’ new releases), this shows punk rock at it’s best and purest with no defence necessary.

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Max Qayyum

Max Qayyum

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