EP Review: Honey Pot – Demo 2014

Honey Pot are a band consisting of two members; Alex Hall, Jake Griffith, an acoustic guitar and their soft, sweet voices, with their demo grounding them as an acoustic emo act. Their music has been released through a small independent label, Local Colour Records, who have released music from similar bands such as Bohica and Jaded.

The EP begins with “Beesley/Halpert” with features a scene from the US office played over the top of an acoustic guitar. The conversation from the scene implies that the lyrical content to come will be about the downside of relationships throughout EP.

The layered vocals throughout are a highlight of the of, as they provide depth and add to the sweet and naive feel provided by the lyrics and tone of the vocals. The contrasting sounds of Hall’s high pitched tone and Griffiths’ low vocals make the different layers stand out against each other, yet perfectly blend. The use of one acoustic guitar along with this works well as it fits the simple, sad tones of the EP.

This EP finishes with a cover of “The King of Carrot Flowers Pt 1” by Neutral Milk Hotel, a more upbeat song with a different tone and style to the overall demo, showing diversity in a simplistic band whilst keeping the unified sound of Honey Pot.

The whole sound of this EP may be simple and sweet, but it is effective as the two members of Honey Pot blend their voices and musicality effortlessly together.

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Olivia Dytor

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