EP Review: Storyteller – A Place By Your Hopes

The latest release from Storyteller, A Place By Your Hopes, gives them a good footing into the pop-punk scene. The band say they listen to a multitude of different genres and this has certainly helped them to understand how to create successful melodies throughout their EP.

Opener to their EP, “Walls & Boundaries” begins by sounding eclectic with a fast drum beat and guitar riffs to match, layered to create depth within the song. The vocals are typically pop-punk and work greatly especially in the chorus, where the melody is highly catchy. This song definitely sets the tone for the EP and the rest of the songs to come.

Half way through A Place By Your Hopes, it is clear that Storyteller are big on creating song introductions with a certain aesthetic – guitar riffs and punchy drums that blend together seamlessly and ultimately sum up the sound of modern day pop-punk.

“Reside” is more of an emotional tale, after its introduction with similar melodies to the other songs on the EP. In this song the repeated lyrics of “walking alone again” stand out a lot more than previous lyrics have within A Place By Your Hopes, as Finn Orrell’s pronunciation and accent becomes easily lost within many parts of Storyteller’s songs; but this isn’t necessarily a bad or odd thing, as he creates and holds melodies with his vocals.

“Broken Bones” stands out against the rest of the songs on this EP as the guitar tone is deeper, creating a cleaner tone. This shows Storyteller’s different influences and their want to experiment with their sound whilst keeping similar melodies and an overall defined sound. Closing A Place By Your Hopes is “Confines”, one of the best songs on the EP. It sums up their sound and talent by taking you on a melodic journey through pop-punk, changing riffs and beats to keep the song interesting.

Storyteller know exactly who they are and what music they want to make and hopefully, A Place By Your Hopes is just the beginning of an illustrious career for them.

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Olivia Dytor

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