Live Review: Sorority Noise (Nottingham, 09/10/16)

Sorority Noise took to the stage at a packed out Bodega and immediately launched into a set which saw the band showcase their past two records Joy, Departed and Forgettable. 

The band have gone from strength to strength lately, yet it was still rather surprising to see just how full the venue was and that the majority of people were screaming along to every single word.

Songs like “Rory Shield” and “Blonde Hair, Black Lungs” received particularly rousing receptions, including one of the few times I’ve seen people crowdsurf at the Bodega.

It’s clear that the band have a great live energy, which at times transcends slightly into the realm of cheesiness in the form of “rockstar” moves – devil horns, guitars over heads, etc. But, the fans love it.

The band also threw in little bits of songs by Modern Baseball and The Menzingers which were nice touches. In fact, essentially everything and anything they played seemed to get everybody jumping, singing and crowdsurfing.

Sorority Noise are a band who certainly know how to play a show, despite the odd cheesy move here and there, they have a lot of energy and easily control a room.

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Max Qayyum

Max Qayyum

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