Single Review: Little Bribes “Reboot / Blood Bank”

When listening to the debut single release “Reboot / Blood Bank” it is hard to believe that Nottingham’s Little Bribes have only been a band for a matter of months. Both “Reboot” and “Blood Bank” (originally by Bon Ivor) were recorded live at JT Soar (home to many recent great punk shows, including Seeing Your Scene’s own shows) in Nottingham and produced by Phil Booth, to keep the great raw energy the band possesses whilst keeping the production brilliantly high.

Their infectious emo riffs, rhythms and melodies are perfectly crafted to reflect the modern day 90’s/early 2000’s emo music that is floating around right now, but with a unique and distinctive Little Bribes twist.

“Reboot” is packed full of twinkly guitars and soft vocals, mixed with elements of post-hardcore influenced shouts and grungy riffs. This song is notably more upbeat than “Blood Bank”, feeling like it is telling a different story and showing the diversity Little Bribes. As enjoyable as Reboot is, the band truly shine through as a new band with a lot of potential with their cover of “Blood Bank”. It is almost unrecognisable to the original, packed with big riffs, drums, clean, distinctive vocals, and the sound is encapsulating.

Sometimes it can take a band transforming another artists music into their own genre and style, before you realise the true talent and worth that lies beneath a band trying to make their way in a genre encompassed with bands doing the same thing. Little Bribes break the mould and are one of the most exciting upcoming bands in the DIY emo/punk scene.

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Olivia Dytor

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