Looking back at 2016 with… Home Schooled

Home Schooled had a good 2016! The emo band from the Midlands answered our classic end of year questions. Stay tuned for more!

How was 2016?

Aside from the incalculable grief of Alan Rickman passing away and current political shitstorm, 2016 has been incredibly fun!

What was your favourite moment of 2016?

 We were lucky enough to be a part of A Carefully Planned Festival in October this year which was ridiculously cool! Oh… And to find out that Giant Pandas are no longer classed as an endangered species was also pretty sweet.

What was the best show you played?

That is such a tricky question having shared the stage with a lot of seriously talented musicians and equally as awesome people, but a stand out for me personally was a Birmingham show supporting Aussie grunge lords Tired Lion back in July!

What was the best show you went to?

Managed to catch Pity Sex on the Manchester date of their tour at which they covered the classic The La’s track “There She Goes” just before they announced their hiatus, which makes me feel especially lucky and extremely depressed in equal measure.

What were your favourite releases? 

Casey’s Love Is Not Enough, Turnover’s Humblest Pleasures and Happy Diving’s Electric Soul Unity.

What are you looking forward to in 2017?

Finishing off the new record with Sam Bloor and having the pleasure of playing more shows with the UK’s kindest collective.

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