Sunday Notes – 8/3/15

Greetings on International Womens Day. Last month The Punk Singer was on Film 4 – it’s definitely an essential watch. The film highlights the problems with a male dominated scene in 90s grunge. Similar problems exist at some shows I’ve been to, and in some specific scenes. Whilst I think promoters shouldn’t book “for the sake of it”, it is useful to book regardless of gender whilst keeping in mind the aim of having (at least) a mixed bill.

This week also saw World Book Day. Inevitably I got booked to read, and this year I ventured to Lancaster to speak at a cafe. On the train I read some more of the Miranda July short story collection No One Belongs Here More Than You (the website for that is great, by the way) – both the style of writing and the content of the book are a mix of the surreal with the everyday.

I’ve been listening to this Leeds band; and with Waste Sad Time, DON’T have improved my Sunday tenfold. This catchy pop is played downbeat, I hope to be hearing more from them soon. Also on repeat this week is the best pop punk out of the the North East, T-Shirt Weather. Flutter Through the Winter / (Don’t) Hold Your Breath was released on cassette via Odd Box last month, and was mastered by Joe Caithness at JT Soar.

Show recommendation this week is Jenn Hart and Henry Raby; my fellow spoken word stalwarts. Their Riot Nrrrds tour sees them wax lyrical about video games and comics across the north of England. In Newcastle they are joined by Andrew Lips and Skull Puppies at the apt venue of Nerd Hutch on 15th March.

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