EP Review: Sarah Carey – In Twenty Years, We Won’t Be Sad

Fresh from a successful weekend of opening for Koji, Bob Nanna (The City On Film, Braid) and Algernon Doll, Leeds native Sarah Carey is carrying on the momentum she has built up recently through touring by releasing a brand new EP digitally through WOLF TOWN DIY entitled In Twenty Years, We Won’t Be Sad – it’s also streaming exclusively on Seeing Your Scene so check it out here!

In Twenty Years… is a collection of five songs completely stripped back, featuring only Carey’s voice and her guitar. From start to finish, this EP is a heartfelt story penned on paper and sung out for the world to hear. Opener “Houses” explores Carey’s formidable singing capabilities before gently flowing into the next song.

“Life Tips/Life Trips” creates a feeling of balancing innocent storytelling and passionately-sung lyrics crowds  will easily be able to relate to. “Life Tips…” and “Stop the Clocks” surely will get people listening and contemplating. While deeply personal, this is the type of music than can also bring people together through the shared experiences everyone has growing up and getting through everyday life. You may not understand what I mean now, but check out Sarah’s music or go to a gig. You’ll get it.

A personal highlight is the progression from the title-track and the closing song, “Yr Pants Are On Fire (Or Something)”. “In Twenty Years…” is an instrumental track just under two minutes that is a well-needed break between songs that offers room to catch a break before the emotional onslaught of “Yr Pants Are On Fire”. “I feel like shit, it’s far from home” will run rings around your head for days, making you think of all the times you have felt the same way, whatever the situation.

In Twenty Years, We Won’t Be Sad is an EP bursting full of true Northern grit, youthful songwriting and sombre melodies into one breathtaking package. You need to stream and download this as soon as it comes out, or forever miss out on one of Leeds’ most exciting artists.

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