Band Interview: Imperial Leisure

Imperial Leisure are a ska punk band from Plymouth

So, phow did you guys get started? Was it difficult starting up in DIY fashion?
like any self respecting rap punk ska band, we started out drunk in a park. When we started out DIY was easy, just had to know how to suck your own dick when things are sweet and kick your own arse when things went sour, being a group of horny boys who couldn’t pull or fight we had no trouble.
You guys are pretty successful. How did you get to the point you’re at now?
Commitment, planning, investment, practice but mainly luck and arse kissing.
What would you consider to be your local scene & how does it treat you?
The musical sluts that we are we’ve straddled a few then all of a sudden became inadvertently wrapped around the UK ska/punk scene predominately in the south/west and south/east UK – more recently we seem to have found worthy bed chums in the Bristol party circuit with the likes of Mad Apple Circus and Cut Capers, we did a couple shows together where we described our selves as Alt.Ska seemed to work well we hope to do more with them and other Bristol based ska(ish) bands.
What promoters/venues are doing good work there?
This feels like a trap!
I’ll tip my hat to most venues and promoters we’ve worked with, primarily The Fleece and The Attic Bar Bristol both venues are in house promoters, how they manage to keep to keep venues that big, maintain credibility, book small independent bands and bring in the punters is an achievement that deserves much applause.
Where are your favourite places to play in the UK?
Bristol, Glasgow, London and Plymouth, yes i said Plymouth it’s nuts down there no idea why but they love it.
What are you guys currently working on? When can we expect new music?
I thought you would never ask!
Currently we’re in the throws of an album recording and collaborations, we’re hoping for great things, once we’re done touring festivals we’re hitting the studio so you have something bad ass to listen to next summer.
Now if you’ll excuse i have some drink that requires my urgent attention.
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