SYS Exclusive Stream: Facing Up stream demo

New band Facing Up have put their demo up for streaming – which can be found below. The band is from Brighton and made up of ex Fighting Fiction members.

We had a chat to vocalist/guitarist Jacob Glew about the project. Below is what he had to say:

This is a rehearsal room/bedroom demo kindly recorded by Thom Weeks (of Gnarwolves) for nothing but a nice meal at the chippy. After my old band decided to stop doing stuff, I thought there’s no way I’m going to fuck about on my own with an acoustic guitar, I want feedback and drums and fun.

So, I started jamming some new songs with Doug (also drums for Harker and played for Fighting Fiction) and Lee (college friend and guitar player for Tied to the Mast). The idea was to write short sharp songs with lots of hooks – be a noisy three piece and pretty much just play what we thought sounded cool and not overthink things.

Sometimes you can be so focused on where you want to go you miss out on enjoying the journey which happened a little for me in my previous band. This new thing is all about our own enjoyment, doing stuff however long or short we feel like and whenever we want to or not if that’s the case – so that’s pretty liberating.

The demo is a DIY recording but I reckon the songs are cool so you get what needs to be conveyed from them. Even if no-one else does, we really like it and that’s the only people we’re interested in pleasing, really, but it’s cool if people do dig it though!

Now we’re looking to play more shows with more folks and have a blast doing it. Get in touch if you want us to come play in your living room.

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