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News: Will Tun & The Wasters to release new album on Plan-It-X

Having slaved away recording their much awaited debut full-length in Bristol over the last few months, Will Tun & the Wasters are ready to unleash it before the end of summer. Already they have signed with the excellent Riot Ska Records to release the album, The Anachronist’s Cookbook within the UK, the band are now delighted to announce that it will also be released in the United States thanks to legendary DIY label Plan-It-X.

Plan-It-X is based in DIY punk utopia Bloomington, Indiana and is run by Ghost Mice’s Chris Clavin. Originally founded in 1994 the label is still going strong over 20 years later and have released records from such great bands as Andrew Jackson Jihad, ONSIND and Ramshackle Glory.

Keep an eye on Seeing Your Scene for more details of The Anachronist’s Cookbook, an interview with the band and more to come!

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