Album Review: Great Cynics – I Feel Weird

From the slick feel-good tunes of debut album Don’t Need Much in 2011 to the summery punk hits of sophomore record Like I Belong two years later, London & Devon based trio Great Cynics are set to release 11 new tracks full of pop hooks and youthful simplicity in the form of third record I Feel Weird through Specialist Subject Records, which follows a cassette release of Lost and Found/Wet Feet through Kissability earlier this year.

Great Cynics’ punk-flavoured pop is something that I personally listen to if I’m at the beach in the summer or if it’s a rainy day in December. The lyrical strength and the visible connection between the band has not just been the core of the band since formation, but develops and strengthens with every release, delivering new feelings and experiences with each record.

“Want You Around (Chunky)” charges right in, and the harmonies between lead vocalist/guitarist Giles and Iona on backing vocals/bass are charismatic in the song.

On Don’t Need Much Iona’s voice was hardly heard but songs like “Waster” on Like I Belong saw her take the reign. Iona‘s voice on “North Street”, the third song in, is electric. The dynamics between the trio are built on close friendships and the intimacy of growing up, which is shown through the comfort in switching between vocal duties from one song to the next.

A personal highlight is the uplifting “Everyone’s a Little Bit Weird” which carries on the live recording theme of the record, developing melodies hammered home by  the soon-to-be sing-along of the summer. While only being just over two minutes long, it feeds directly into single “Lost in You” that holds some of my favourite percussion by Bob.

Reaching the end of the record it goes from being drunk and foolish to sobering up with the relief that comes when you realise you won’t be waking up with a hangover. “By the Sea” is almost as pretty as it is folk-influenced.

While being questioned on the record, Giles is quoted as saying “this record’s about realising that the only person you have is yourself in a completely up and down world.”

I Feel Weird showcases the band’s honesty as storytellers as well as their craftsmanship as musicians. It’s an album to drink along to, to listen to on the road or after an argument with your partner. Whatever the occasion, make sure it’s a goodun.

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