Album Review: The Jazz June – After the Earthquake

Twelve years is a long time, especially in something that is constantly evolving such as the music industry. But emo veterans The Jazz June have taking to the fresh waters of the new school with their new album After the Earthquake like they haven’t been out of the game at all.

2014 has been a pretty exciting year for 90s emo, from the reunion tours of American Football (who released a video for the single “Never Meant”, fifteen years after it was first released) and also the hugely popular Mineral have made a successful comeback. Braid are also record label buddies with The Jazz June, opting to put out new album No Coast through Topshelf Records.

After the Earthquake doesn’t miss a beat. It’s melodious, catchy, and deeply infectious. Songs like “It Came Back” and “Edge of Space” have quickly become two of my favourite songs on the record, and cements the reasons why many ‘emo revival’ bands have taken influence from The Jazz June.

2002 saw the release of Better Off Without Air – the last record release by The Jazz June. In that long period of time, it’s easy to feel like starting from afresh especially when there are so many good, young bands on the scene. After the Earthquake doesn’t just sit comfortably between every other emo record that’s been released this year, but confidently raises its head above them on a wave of maturity that has only been achieved through growing up.

America’s Fun Fun Fun Fest has already witnessed the new material over the past weekend. Let’s hope for a UK tour in 2015.

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