Single Review: Great Cynics – Lost and Found/Wet Feet

Great Cynics is a DIY punk trio from London and Devon, England consisting of Giles Bidder (vocals, guitar), Bob Barrett (drums) and Iona Caims (bass, vocals). The band are currently heading out on an exciting UK and European tour with Joyce Manor and Cheap Girls and to celebrate, they have released the double A-side Lost and Found/Wet Feet through Jen Long’s record label Kissability.
“Lost and Found” is an addictive sounding song from the very opening, with a catchy melody and tempo; it builds up to an uplifting chorus supported by Caims’s perfectly raw backing vocals. Bidder’s voice is without a doubt on form on this track and is gaining confidence and strength with each release. The second A-side “Wet Feet” continues the feel-good vibe again with an upbeat chord progression and Barrett’s stomping drums. It’s yet another great example of Great Cynics ability to craft well-constructed songs with ease fuelled by extremely relatable lyrics.
This is a suburb introduction to anyone who hasn’t yet heard Great Cynics and makes me very excited for their upcoming third album. The band’s sound is so full of life and spirit, Lost and Found/Wet Feet is a highly recommend purchase with 2015 looking like it is going to a very successful year for them. Check them out!
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