EP Review: Alright – Self-Titled

Formed by current and former members of Late Bloomer and It Looks Sad, Charlotte, NC’s Alright released their self-titled debut EP on 300 coloured 7” vinyl at the end of March through Negative Fun and Self Aware. Following premiers and streams on popular sites Stereogum and Brooklyn Vegan, the trio’s debut captures the sonic mix of fuzzy funk and youthful vocals by the likes of Pity Sex, Lemuria and Cayetana.

Opener “Mixed Signals” is straight-forward, no-bullshit punk full of hooks and rhythm. The shared vocals on this track really make it stand out; effortless and precise, the vocals between vocalist/guitarist Sarah Blumenthal and backing vocalist/bassist Joshua Robbins lend the song memorable melodies.

Lead single “Cold Feet” thrashes more than its predecessor and really displays the live dynamism between Sarah, Josh and drummer Garrett Herzfeld. It’s a catchy, indifferent tantrum dripping with vibrant distortion that paints a pretty soundscape to get lost in.

A bass line drenched in fuzz soaks through third track “Watercolours”, before Sarah’s slick voice wades its way through the syrupy, sugar-coated guitar work that offers a calmer take on the band’s accessible sound than the two tracks before it.

“Pollen & Allergies” picks the mood back up, no frills and no punches pulled back, the ending track locks on sentimental nostalgia, offering profound stories in the likes that are expertly weaved, much like Football Etc. Ending on the lyrics “I won’t walk away,” the song and the whole EP ends on a dramatic, anthemic high that lets you finally let go of that breathe you’ve held in for the duration of the song.

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