EP Review: The Attic Diary – Nervous Heat

Their Facebook description reads as “sad noises from Ireland.” The Attic Diary’s private seclusion of identity is clever in the fact that it made me want to listen to them even more. With who they are in mystery, you can only focus on the music and the words: a feat that can be pulled off by skilful songwriting.

The latest release, Nervous Heat, is definitely worth a listen. Combining the delicate brilliance of folk and emo, the tone of songs like “Nothing” and “Blossom” are brooding and reflective; deserving of praise of the musicianship and worthy of repeated listening. Each song flows well, just giving the perfect balance of melancholy and hope.

Akin to Balance and Composure and Seahaven acoustics, the Nervous Heat EP is modest and yet delivers a beauty that should be given more confidence. Without the production of a highly-technical studio, the EP is a collection of songs recorded at home with rough-cut, lo-fi tones; full of ambience and nervous energy. So far The Attic Diary unsigned and relatively unknown. Let’s hope this changes soon.

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Josh Jones

Josh Jones

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