Live Review: The Computers (Nottingham, 31/10/15)

Hello Bear kicked things off at Bodega to a room full of fog and spooky decorations… Their brand of poppy rock went over well with the crowd, and they put everyone in a good mood with their catchy choruses.

Shortly after, The Computers took to the stage – and vocalist Screaming Al Kershaw was immediately dancing around the floor of the venue and trying to get some audience participation going.

Now backed by new guitarist, James Mattock, formerly of Sharks, Screaming Al’s left the guitar behind, which gives him a lot more freedom to run, and dance, around. Everybody who has ever seen The Computers knows that he has a stage presence unlike any other – and this show was no different.

As the band ploughed through songs from their 2013 release, Love Triangles, Hate Squares, the crowd got more and more involved with the singalongs, especially on songs like “Nothing to Say” and “Disco Sucks” which have pretty huge choruses, amplified tenfold in a live setting.

After around ten songs, they took a short encore break before returning with a cover of Ramones’ “Pet Sematary” – probably the best Halloween song around. They then launched into “Music is Dead” – from their old days as a hardcore band – as they got the entirety of the crowd to circle pit around the platform which the whole band stood on in the middle of the floor.

The band finished things off with a rendition of “C.R.U.E.L”, and again managed to show off the live tightness which they possess, while still being thoroughly enjoyable to watch. Not many better ways to spend Halloween.

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Max Qayyum

Max Qayyum

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