Band Interview: The Traders (France)

The Traders (Lyon, France) are currently on tour in the UK with Guerrilla Monsoon. We caught up with them after their show at Subside in Birmingham for a chat about their DIY roots, the French punk scene and their future. How did you guys start out? Jérémy McCheucle (vocals/bass): We had a band that’s dead […]

Band Interview & Session #1: Isaac

Isaac are one of the best known DIY bands in Nottingham, fronted by Andrew Shankland who also plays acoustic shows. We caught up with Shankland after their show at Clear Your Throat fest for a session and interview. Below is the session; an acoustic version of new song “Slab Square”. Video credit: Sam Moloney Interview: […]

Band Interview: Chasing the Race (Australia)

Chasing The Race are a punk/pop-rock band from around Adelaide, Australia. Formed in the late summer of 2011. We caught up with the guys the other day to see how things are going down under. You’ve just finished recording a new EP, I believe, how did that go? Samm Hunt (bass/vocals): Still in the stages of recording but […]

A guide to Trinidad and Tobago

I’d like to say there’s a punk scene in Trinidad and Tobago. There isn’t.  Is there even a rock scene? Probably not. Why? To me, a scene requires a foundation. Pillars of support so that it’ll develop legs and run on its own. Caribbean-wise, I’ve heard and reviewed bands that come too few and far […]

Clear Your Throat Fest (Nottingham, 03/08/14)

Everyone descended into a small venue above a card shop in Nottingham city centre, on a quiet Sunday afternoon for Clear Your Throat. The Chameleon, an arts café and venue, seemed like the perfect venue as the sun lit up the colourful art and graffiti while first band, Mixtape Saints, were setting up. They opened with an […]

Band Interview: Drones

Drones are one of the fastest rising bands in the UK punk scene. They have a distinctive melodic, aggressive sound, and after the stunning Free Marked Kid, it’s no wonder they ended up on the Download Festival bill earlier in the year. We caught up with singer Daly for a chat about the band. So, […]

A guide to Philadelphia

Over the past few years, Philadelphia has gained a reputation as a punk rock mecca— and with good reason. Every year, great bands crop up in the city faster than shitty bands get added to the Warped Tour and it seems like more and more people across the country have started to pay attention to […]

Seeing Your Scene Launches

About Seeing Your Scene Seeing Your Scene was founded in July, 2014. Our aim as a website is to cover the UK DIY punk scene, but with a twist. We feature: Interviews with DIY bands Interviews with promoters Interviews with record shops Interviews with venues Articles from around the world, showing how different punk scenes […]