The Tory government, poverty and the DIY scene

Today has been awful. Waking up to the news that the Tories have a majority will never be easy. In a few weeks time we’ll probably be wishing we were back with the also awful Lib Dem/Tory coalition. Last year we ran a food drive at our show in Nottingham, where we raised over a […]

Easter Sunday Notes – 2015

I hope you’re all enjoying your 4-day weekend! Here is a list of awesome stuff you should listen to and attend; Birmingham indie pop is first off the mark this week; Sonic The Comic have a new album on the way and the preview from it is a track called “Videogames”. The music video is […]

Sunday Notes – 29/3/15

Having lost an hour today moving forward to British Summer Time, all is not lost — because here is a breakdown of a ton of new music for you to check out. First up are the magnificent power pop trio Personal Best, who return with Arnos Vale. Looking ahead to May and June, the Bristol […]

Smokey Bastard

Seeing Your Scene vs Pay to Play #3: Smokey Bastard

Aled from Reading’s folk punk heroes Smokey Bastard felt compelled to tell us his thoughts on pay to play after our Fishlock Fridays article, letting us know that he loves a chance to have a rant on the topic. Clearly passionate on the subject, Aled takes us through, not just the lack of morals in pay […]

Fishlock Fridays #6 – Less (fun) Than Small Venues

Last Friday I was lucky enough to represent Seeing Your Scene to go see one of my favourite bands from my teens (and most likely one of your favourites too), ska-punk legends Less Than Jake. Less Than Jake played a great fun set filled of old songs, a few newbies, many laughs and much bouncing […]

Five Reasons Why the DIY Scene is the Place to Be

There are many reasons why the DIY music scene is lovely. I’m sure we’re all well aware of them; but just in case you needed reminding, here are some of the best ones. 1. Affordability One of the best things about the DIY scene is the affordability of DIY gigs. It’s almost collectivised in its […]

Sunday Notes – 15/3/15

This week has admittedly been more chilled. On repeat was this from Elvis Depressedly – the first song from the soon to be released album New Alhambra, the long-awaited follow up to 2013’s Holo Pleasures. The LP is set to have a “spring 2015” release via Orchid Tapes and Run For Cover, so I whole-heartedly […]

Fishlock Fridays #5: Pay to Play Must Die

This week I’m going to have a big rant again, because that’s normally what I do best. It’s quite a common opinion among our punk scenes that doesn’t really exist in a DIY basis, but certainly in the local live scene in general there is something killing live music (to an extent), and it’s something […]