Sunday Notes – 1/3/15

Oh hey March! I didn’t see you there. In a week where the line up for Reading and Leeds being male-dominated is in the news, Twitter has become obsessed with a dress doubled as an optical illusion. In all seriousness though, the R&L line up is unfortunate, and I’ve seen a number of alternative posters […]

Sunday Notes – 15/2/15

This week I’m on tour with Furrow  – as this is published I’ll be headed to Power Lunches in Dalston to do probably my biggest gig to date. It’s all a little scary, but really exciting. Touring spoken word is a little different to a straight forward band tour – often promoters aren’t interested, or don’t perceive […]

Sunday Notes – 8/2/15

Hi, my name is Zach. I’m a DIY spoken word artist and music enthusiast. This is a new weekly blog on Seeing Your Scene; detailing the stuff that has caught my eye in music news, sounds you need to hear and, when applicable, a breakdown (in all senses of the word) of touring. As I’m […]

Fishlock Fridays #4 – Backwards Thinking is Not Punk

Punk rock is a subjective concept, I find. There is no true definition of punk; it is what you personally feel it is. However, what is certainly not punk is backwards thinking. The punk rock movement should definitely be about forward thinking, trying to make change for the better and very much importantly not excluding […]

Looking back at 2014 with… Holy Pinto

We spoke to Holy Pinto about their year and also recorded a session video which can be viewed at the bottom of this page! How was 2014 for you? Busy! As a band we recorded so, so many songs and dipped our feet into serious touring. 2015 is gonna be huge for us and we […]

Fishlock Fridays #3 – A year in gigs

The year is at the end, so naturally always a time to reflect on the previous 12 months, and 2014’s not been too bad, outside mundane “real life” at least. I’ve somehow managed to put on 14 gigs mostly by myself, and I thought maybe this deserves a proper reflection, rather than what Facebook wants […]